Limited to 100 hand picked members, IQ regroups a unique body of production company owners who spread across all continents. Their work spans all genres and formats.

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IQ offers opportunities to connect with selected companies. IQ partnerships provide many benefits, including exposure to our members, and expanding a company's international profile.

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Highlighted by up-to-date business, marketing and creative seminars, it is a time to meet other members in person, to candidly discuss your industry interests and goals, to e...

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"IQ provides a unique international network of like-minded people, sharing experiences, global support
and trusted project partnerships."

Donna Hampton, IQ President
CAPITOL Productions, Sydney Australia

"For me, the IQ Annual Conference is the heart of membership. At a conference, we share with all the world,
what is so precious for us; our own strategy, business, questions and challenges."

Charles Drouin, IQ VP Corporate
Tulipes Films, Paris France

Filmmakers Connect in Costa Rica


One of the core principles of our organization is connecting filmmakers to one another across time zones, cultures, and projects. We strongly believe that these connections, fueled by the common need…

You may have already had a chat with her at the Reykjavik & New Delhi Conferences, but in case you haven’t, meet our recently added member Julia Bidakowska Andrén, who joins us…

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