The annual conference expresses the core IQ membership experience.
Throughout the seven-day event, members share ideas, insights and
information about the latest industry developments.

Highlighted by up-to-date business, marketing and creative seminars, it is a time to meet other members in person, to candidly discuss your industry interests and goals, to exchange valuable information and receive feedback on your concepts and productions.

IQ conferences are poles apart from any other industry meeting you will attend. With stunning annually changing venues as diverse as New York, Tokyo, Rome, Reykjavik and Sydney, you have the opportunity to visit faraway member destinations and further cement the global IQ friendships and alliances.

Throughout the week-long conference, members screen and discuss their work. Discussion is lively and productive, passion interspersed with laughter and the sheer enjoyment of sharing ideas with like-minded professionals.

2016Miami, Florida

2015New Delhi, India

2014Reykjavík, Iceland

2013Montreal, Canada

2012Panama, Republic of Panama

2011Sydney, Australia

2010Prague, Czech Republic

2009Maui, Hawaii

2008Quito, Ecuador

2007New Jersey, USA

2006Tallinn, Estonia

2005Shanghai, China

2004Los Angeles, California

2003Tromsoe, Norway

2002Regina, Canada

2001Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2000Boston, Massachusetts

1999Dusseldorf, Germany

1998Vancouver, British Columbia

1997Stockholm and Visby, Sweden

1996Nashville, Tennessee

1995Yokohama, Japan

1994New York City, New York

1993Zurich and Zuoz, Switzerland

1992Queenstown, New Zealand

1991Washington, DC

1990Bruges, Belgium

1989Budapest, Hungary

1988Banff, Alberta

1987Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

1986Williamsburg, Virginia

1984San Francisco, California

1975Sarasota, Florida

1970Chicago, Illinois

1968Rochester, New York

1966First Meeting of Officers, Matt Farrell, Graeme Fraser and Walter Klein